Friday Reflections

Today’s post is going to be a shorter one. It’s been a busy week and I am trying to catch up on sleep. I am sure you all have experiences of sleeping on airplanes so let’s just say that it didn’t happen. There is a reason why they call it the red eye. And I don’t why they tease with with the fact that you can put your seat back. I don’t see any positives in it. First, it really doesn’t go back that far and now you are at a new awkward angle. Fantastic! As well, you have now made the person behind you upset because suddenly they have less room. I don’t like making others upset at me. I know that I am within my rights to do it but it just makes me feel uncomfortable in a small way. Anyway, there and back again I went.

One of the neat experiences I had recently, was the chance to walk through my old elementary. Every summer, when I went back to Nova Scotia, I would go past the old school and wonder whether it had changed at all inside. Of course, being summer, I couldn’t get in there unless I broke a few windows, which, in the end, would defeat a few purposes. However, this time, I was able to go to the school and get a tour from the principal who graciously gave up some of her time to show me around. It was an amazing Fall elementaryexperience. If you ever have the chance, take the time to do this. Walking around the school, waves of memories washed over me. Before, I knew what the word nostalgia meant but walking through the school, it became more than a word. I wanted to go back and sit in the classroom, the fall changing the leaves of the chestnut leaves outside, waiting eagerly for the fall fair where our class would be going on a field trip. Quite a bit had changed (and it certainly seemed a lot smaller!) but there were still things that were unchanged from when I had been a student there.

Despite having to go for other reasons, sadder ones, this was a highlight for me and something I’ll remember for a long time.