Why I am a Educational Technology Teacher

Hi everyone! Well I have been at this for a little and have enjoyed sharing ideas and thoughts with all of you. And I know that there are people reading the site. However, right now it is a little one sided. I would like to hear more from you, dear, thoughtful, more intelligent than I readers.

So I thought I would start a topic and see if we can build it. As they say . . . If you build it, they will come!

So here it is . . . Why I am a Educational Technologist!  I will start it off and give the ending. I would love for us to compile a list of reasons why, though technology integration is frustrating and challenging at times, we keep at it in our schools. Your thoughts can be thoughtful, provocative, inspiring, hopeful, challenging or tongue and cheek. As they come in I will keep updating the list so everyone can see it grow!

Here we go!

Why I am a Educational Technology Teacher!

I want to empower my students!!!

I can plug in a computer, projector, tv, etc!


But most of all, I am a teacher working and striving to help all my students reach their potential!!

Let’s get this out there and build this list!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Why I am a Educational Technology Teacher

  1. I am a graduate student (getting my teaching certification) from Grand Rapids, MI who is taking an educational technology course. So I can’t say I am an educational technologist quite yet but I feel that I will implement technology into my classroom in the future. I feel technology is quite important for students today. Not only will using technology in the classroom create a more differentiated classroom but also it will spur students who may other not be excited about school to participate in ways that are more comfortable for them. For example, I hope to use blogs or some sort of discussion board in my classroom. By doing so, I hope I can tap into those students who have a hard time participating directly in class because they are shy or have a hard time expressing themselves verbally. Though verbal participation is important, ultimately learning through some sort of participation is going to be the most beneficial to the student. Also, because technology is quite popular with young people, teachers can get students excited about learning again. Because technology is the future for young people and because schools are supposed to be getting students ready for the world after school, we as teachers should be giving students the means to become successful in the post-high school world. So, we should be implementing and using technology to supplement our teaching so that students will be able to use technology in their future.

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